Full list of commentators:

  1. Andrea Henderson Fahnestock: Curator Museum of the City of New York,
  2. Andreia Davies: New York Foundation for the Arts
  3. Andrew Lampert: Film Anthology Archive, New York City
  4. Arnold Lehman: Director Brooklyn Museum
  5. Barbara Kaufman: Pottery Art Historian
  6. Beverly Allan: Curator, NYC
  7. Bill Carroll: Historian, NYC
  8. Bill Moyers: Journalist
  9. Brit Littman: Director The Drawing Room NYC
  10. Cathy O’Hara: Curator
  11. Christine Hunter: Writer
  12. Danny Simmons: Curator, artist
  13. Dan Sinclair: Sculpture, Historian NYC
  14. David Amram: Musician
  15. David Ebony: Writer, Art in America
  16. Elizabeth Ackermann: Curator, Architect NYC
  17. Ella Weiss: Director Brooklyn Council on the Arts
  18. Ellen Winner: Professor of Psychology Boston College Project ZERO
  19. Eugenie Tai: Curator Brooklyn Museum
  20. Evan Harris Walker: American physicist
  21. Franny Koelsch: Curator, Dallas Texas
  22. Hoong Yee Lee Krakauer: Director Queens Council on the Arts
  23. J Kuhn: Artist
  24. Jason Sleurs: Mike Weiss Gallery NYC
  25. Jeffrey Deitch: Director Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles
  26. Jerry Capa: Historian
  27. Jill Conner: Writer NYC
  28. Joachim Pissarro Bershad: Professor of Art History Hunter CUNY
  29. Joe Amrhein: Gallery owner, NYC
  30. John Hanhardt: Senior Curator for media Arts at the Smithsonian
  31. Jonathan Goodman: Editor AsianPacific NYC
  32. Judith Melina: Performer
  33. Judy Kim: Curator Brooklyn Museum
  34. Karen Hopkins: President Brooklyn Academy of Music
  35. Kate Levin: Commissioner Department of Cultural Affairs New York City
  36. Kate Ottervino: Historian NYC
  37. Larry Shopmaker: Curator NYC
  38. Lorenzo Pace: Professor of Art studies NYC
  39. Mark DeMuro: Fine Art Dealer NYC
  40. Marshall Price: Curator of modern and contemporary art NYC
  41. Martha Corscaden: Curator
  42. Martin Nederpelt: Curator NYC
  43. Marty Markowitz: Boro President Brooklyn New York
  44. Mary Mattingly: Curator, Artist NYC
  45. May Bernstein
  46. Michael Devonshire: Architect/ Conservator NYC
  47. Michael Royce: Director New York Foundation for the Arts
  48. Morley Safer: Journalist
  49. Nina Colossi: Curator NYC
  50. Peter Trippe: Writer, NYC
  51. Richard Flood: New Museum Chief Curator NYC
  52. Richard Piper: Architect/ Conservator NYC
  53. Robert Stolarik: Photographer NY Times
  54. Ron Melman: Sculpture NYC
  55. Ronnie Farley: Associated Press
  56. Sara Fitzmaurice: FITZ & CO
  57. Sasha Wolf: Gallery Owner, Curator NYC
  58. Scott Tillitt: Writer
  59. Simon Van Booy: Writer
  60. Spencer Throckmorton: Gallery Owner, Curator NYC
  61. Susan Olsen: Executive director of Friends of Woodlawn
  62. Susannah Drake: Professor of architecture The Cooper Union School
  63. Thayer Tolles: Metropolitan Museum of Art
  64. Thomas Pike: Landmark Commissioner NYC
  65. Tom Finklepearl: Director Queens Museum of Art NYC
  66. Thomas F. Schutte: President Pratt Institute NYC
  67. Tracy Causey: Gallery owner, Curator NYC
  68. Valerie Dillon: Gallery owner, Curator NYC
  69. Vicki Goldberg: New York Times Fine Art Writer
  70. Zev Deans: Artist
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